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Put some golf in spain on your website

Now you can earn commissions by simply publishing a link or including a banner to our site. Golf in Spain will track all clicks form you site by means of a special unique URL code with an affiliate code.

All their purchases during that session or during any subsequent visits during the next 45 days are automatically coded to your account, earning you a percentage of each product sale. You can monitor your earnings in a special control panel.

Joining our affiliation system is pretty simple. You only need to register and choose the banner or promotional box you want to include in your website.


Variety of offers

You can not only include banners but also special offers which will be processed automatically with no hassle for you. Thus, your web site will offer an exclusive, competitive and always updated product which will provide extra income. You can see a sample of our current promotions by clicking here.
When your client access to GolfinSpain through your web site he will be tracked for 45 days and any confirmed purchase your client makes will be associated to your member’s account, generating the correspondent commission for you.


Interesting Commissions

Your commissions as affiliate member will depend on the volume of sale (and usually will vary between 1% and 3%). Please note that the average purchase of a golf holiday for 4 people during a week is at least 1,500 euros, which means a very interesting income for you.


Advanced integrated solutions

Our own product management system enables us to create specific solutions based on your specific needs. Personalised products for your website, discount promotional codes for your clients and much more…
If your web site has at least 150,000 pages displayed monthly, and you would like to consider publishing any of our products on your site, please let us know at indicating your web site address and needs.

High traffic affiliates will be eligible for a personalized entry page to Golf in Spain or alternative advertising exchanges.




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Golf products are conceived for medium-high wealth ness clients and are ideal to be commercialized online.


If your website relates to golf or is targeted to the above mentioned clients we offer you the easiest and most efficient way to broaden your profits. Include green fees and golf holidays in Spain ( Europe’s premiere golf destination) in your web site.


Advantages of selling golf:

- Exclusivity

- Added value for your own product

- Variety of products for both residents and visitors

- Ideal to be commercialized online

- High purchase totals which generate high commissions