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Golf in Spain® offers a unique way to reach golf players in Spain and around the world who are planning their next trip.


Players have a mid to high-end purchasing power and are mostly aged between 35 and 65 – an ideal and difficult-to-reach target.


At Golf in Spain® we reach the target long before any other advertising medium.


Our website is one of the most frequently-visited sites in the European golf sector, fruit of our pioneering status, of having been online since 1996, and of our unmatched search engine positioning.


Our target audience and clientele is comprised mainly of central-European players from countries with the greatest golfing traditions and players (UK, Greece, France, Sweden, Finland, and more) as well as a growing Spanish market of aficionados.




Our main area of business is not advertising and we are very selective in terms of the products we promote, but we offer a powerful banner Server that allows for a broad range of categories within the various thematic areas of the website in several advertising formats...header banners, boxes, etc, as well as categorisation according to clients.


Our presence in social networks further extends the coverage of our promotions.


We periodically run advertising specials on destinations, prize draws and promotions for our registered clients (+ 30 thousand).


For more information use our contact form or send an email indicating the product you wish to promote and approximate budget to ventas at




A few available formats. Consult us for any special formats.



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If you have a quality website and a banner server we could be interested in a cross-promotion or exchange.


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