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Ricky - (24-09-17)

Played here with some friends on a summer deal, excellent value for money and one of the best welcomes on the coast.

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Simon - (12-07-15)

Golf course very enjoyable. Condition good, greens good and infinitely better than Chambers bay! Very good value for money.

Ranked: 3.75 (View full Review...)

Jens - (21-04-15)

We played the course in March 2015 and were very pleased of the conditions of the course and the very friendly staff ON the course and Armins the Clubhouse area. We're coming again in August 2015

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John Palmer - (23-10-14)

Played the course last week on a recommendation from a friend and was encouraged by a recent review that suggested that the course had "recovered" as compared to earlier reviews that suggested that the course was poor.

The greens were good and the fairways were OK (but only OK...not good), but the course as a whole looked tired and in need of considerable investment. The course looks as if it has been top notch but has gone to seed. There was evidence of the surrounding rough grass encroaching on the fairways in many places and the ponds and lakes were typically only half full...showing all the ugly liners and pumping pipes. There was evidence of maintenance on some holes but it was not clear whether this was the start of a wholesale re-furbishment or the last efforts to prevent total meltdown.

This is a shame because this course has some great looking holes and in tip top condition would be a real treat for a mid handicapper.

One to watch...if the course condition improves...go there...if not, then go elsewhere.

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Heinz Zimmermann - (14-04-14)

Helga & Heinz Zimmermann, April 14th, 2014:
Fairways and greens are in a very good condition, better than in some manicured courses, which are much more expensive. The Area between the fairways is allmost free of bushes and high gras, so that you may concentrate yourself on playing golf and you are not busy with searching your lost balls. The Value for money is ok and the very friendly team is working hard for a steady improvement. The new machines will accelerate the progress.

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Chris Wilde - (18-10-13)

Absolutely disgusting course very wet and muddy green had bare patches as did fairways even had a temporary green ! I've played a lot of courses on the costa and this is the worst by far total waste of money

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Carl Nicol - (01-10-12)

To say this course is poor, would br a Gross understatement.
The greens were ok, but the course was very, very poor.
Walked off after 9, never to return.

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john baldwick - (25-06-11)

Fairways are very poor and if you stray off them you end up in land slids and debris that nato would be proud of

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Jon Farnill - (25-09-09)

Ok, but by far the most dissapointing out of the 7 or 8 courses played in the area.

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