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Stephen Edwards - (02-03-18)

We played Cabopino for the first time in 10 years, and it is a much better course than we remembered. Not long, but it is a good challenge with good greens and a varied layout.
Some tees were a bit rough, but the bunkers were decent.
Very pleasant service, and an enjoyable day.
A very good 'warm up' course for the first day of a golf tour.

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M. Haas - (20-03-15)

On 12.03.2015 we played Cabopino. We did not enjoy it.

Course: Without a Stroke-Saver you are lost. You don’t know in which direction to play as it is very hilly and there are no direction helps. We often also had to look where to go for the next hole. Furthermore we found the course quite unfair for somebody without local knowledge. You could have a fabulous stroke in the middle or top of the fairway and it would roll out of bounce.

Club: The green keepers were all over the show. They even parked 2 buggies left and right of the 4th green so you had to hit one. Furthermore, the pins are not regularly re-placed and there were quite deep “saucers” around the holes. The locker-rooms smelled badly, so we did not try them out.

Costa-del-Sol: The clubs don’t check any reference as result of which everybody can play and many of them don’t have a clue about etiquettes. In Cabopino a 4-ball squeezed in front of us explaining that they had had a cup of coffee. Usually, you have to wait for a reasonable distance to get in the field again. (In SA it is normal to have a 10 Minute halfway break, which is perhaps a good tradition.) Also it happens quite often that the players behind you tee-off at a too close distance so there balls overtake you.

We have lived in South Africa and played many courses also in France, Italy, Germany and now Spain. We also played Miraflores which was quite enjoyable.

Cabopino was the worst of all!

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Harry Burke - (14-12-14)

I play this course at least 4 times a year. Played on Friday 12 Dec 14. Fantastic, the course was in mint condition, very fast greens brilliant. We brought 8 on our recent golf trip all said Cabapino was the best course they played. The others were Miraflores and Mijas Los Lagos. This course is a must play if you like a challenge coupled with stunning vistas. Awesome.

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Jon holmstrom - (11-04-14)

What a fabulous course. It can be very tight on times but it felt like the perfect package. Short in places but very challenging.
Greens were excellent.

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DaveC - (06-11-13)

Just came back having played here - some breathtaking holes and the 3rd will blow you away. The course was in good condition and whilst not as pristine as others the variety in the holes more than made up for that. You need to think about your shots, don't be afraid of taking an iron off the tee as there are some pretty tight shots to hit. Would definitely play this course again.

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Andrew - (15-08-13)

In first week of August we played: La Cala Europa&America, Marbella golf club, Calanova, Los Arqueros, Santa Marija, Cabopino, Alcaidesa (Hcp 13,18,22,25). Here are the reviews:
La Cala Europa&America: 5, Marbella golf club 5+, Calanova: fairways 4, forgreen 3-, greens 3 (hairy) , Los Arqueros: 4,3 (good greens), Santa Marija: fairways 4, greens 3- (soft,soft, soft, hairy, nothing to compare to other courses, couldn’t putt). Even shorter course now. I was skeptic, but the stuff said we can play with buggies at 17 p.m. because we will easily come around. We had lots of traffic on the way but still make it on time. Because we finished after 9 p.m. the stuff said directly that this was the last time we did something like that…. WTF. Will not play it again but not because of this misunderstanding. A place for older or higher Hcp with nice club house), Cabopino: if La Cala is 5 I give it 4,3 like Los Arqueros (on La Cala they did really good job), Alcaidesa: If Cabopino and Los Arqueros are 4,3 it should be 4 ( a bit dry but good greens), but then Calanova and specialy Santa Marija should desert 2/3. Don’t get me wrong but La Cala and Marbella golf club were perfect, usually Los Argueros and Cabopino shuld recive 5 for such condition. I was surprised on golf courses that they war in such good condition in summer. BTW we play a lot on “costa” in all seasons. Oh, accept La Cala and Marbella they will have to work on sends some more!!!

Ranked: 3.5 (View full Review...)

Sid - (18-07-13)

You have to be very picky to find fault with this course. It’s really well designed: every hole is interesting/challenging/tricky/beautiful to look at, and the general views back to the sea are terrific. On top of this, it’s virtually empty and in immaculate condition: the greens are like carpets, smooth, fast, accurate, but with lots of level changes and interesting borrows. It's not an especially long course, but the fairways are often tight, and the holes are either intriguingly hidden, or in full view like US-style target golf. The aprons are wooly, so pitch and run does not work here: you need to play open sand wedge flops all the time. My only criticism would be the sand: it's just too compacted (and overwatered) so impossible to play a proper wedge escape. Yes there are a lot of great courses on this coast, but this is interesting, quirky, and a challenge for anyone. Well worth it.

Ranked: 4.25 (View full Review...)

Richard - (08-09-09)

Amazing that this has a higher review rating than the likes of Rio Real and Santa Maria - clearly our group must look for different things to others! In our opinion, this course is a million miles apart from the likes of Rio Real - and not in a good way!

Generally a very tight course, keep the driver in the car. The greens were rock hard and unreceptive when we played them, which doesn't bode well when most greens are protected at the front by bunkers and the bump and run option can't be used. Ridiculously hilly in parts - 6 & 8 particularly. The 12th is one of the daftest par 5s ever when you don't know where you're going - drive to dog leg right 2nd shot and dog leg left 3rd!

The 3rd hole is the signature hole and is visually stunning - though in reality when you play it is a bit of a Mickey Mouse hole.

On the positives, it's a cheap course to play which will bring the cost of your trip down - but personally, I'd part with a few more euros to play somewhere else, or go play Lauro which is a far better course for similar money!

General consensus of our group, handicaps ranging from 4 to 20 - NEVER AGAIN!

Ranked: 2.5 (View full Review...)

Simon Powdrell - (02-10-06)

Great fun! Got something for everyone. The 3rd is like nothing I've ever played before. Shame about the problems with the wild boar and the fairways but only a minor critisism. Cheap & cheerful and the staff are nice & friendly. Spectacular views of the Costa Del Sol and Africa. Give it a try, you will have a lot of fun! Oh, and a buggy is A MUST!!!!

Ranked: 3.75 (View full Review...)

Nik H - (16-05-06)

Newish course but a gem, hilly but not on the side of a mountain, very good water holes, the back 9 is the best, well worth a visit.

Ranked: 3.75 (View full Review...)