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H Brea
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    2.25 /5

  • Fecha 14-08-18
Dont come here. This place is just ridiculous, too crowded and very small. It is a very low profile, poorly maintained, local pitch and putt. I visited the course on a monday morning and the experience could not have been worst, players were yelling at each other about the speed of the game, two teams hitting a ball simultaneusly from two tees to the same green... an embarrasment for this sport. The employees were very unproffesional and the manager, Maribel, totally uncapable to manage this place. Do not lose your time coming here. Thanks for reading this review.
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    5 /5

  • Fecha 12-09-12
Esto no es un campo de golf. es una ZONA VERDE ACONDICIONADA PARA JUGAR AL GOLF. es que por aqui somos una miaja chulos....