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Seve retires as captain

After becoming the first European to win the Ryder Cup as both a player and captain, Severiano Ballesteros announced he would not be leading the team in 1999. Instead, he said, he wanted to concentrate on regaining his form as a player and making the next Cup team. Ballesteros added, however, that he was not ruling out returning as captain in the future, perhaps in 2005 in Ireland. As he spoke to the press after Europe's successful defence of the Cup, Seve was phoned by the Spanish monarch, King Juan Carlos, who said he had been nervously watching the match unfold on TV and was delighted with Europe's victory and his countryman's personal triumph. US captain Tom Kite, meanwhile, said he believed the Europeans might have had the edge because of their greater familirarity with Valderrama and playing in wet weather. Nevertheless, he said, their effort in almost coming back from five points down at the start of the final day's singles had been superb. Kite revealed that former US President George Bush had visited the American players while they dined on Saturday night in an effort to inspire them for the following day's matches.

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Faldo Putting

"Our view" of the Press Room

Love at hole 17

Jansen secures vital point

It's raining again

Samaranch at the Ryder

Swimming at 17th

George Bush and wife

On top of a tree


In the rain

The "key" point for Langer

Johnnie Walker's products

Jimenez, the man in the shadow

Hoch in the 18th

Expectation at the final put

Mr. Valderrama (Patiño)

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