Clarification of Cancellation Policies

Condiciones cancelación

We would like you to be clear about the general cancellation terms for the various products we market, and – for your peace of mind – to know what to expect at all times. Regardless of whether there may or may not be a management fee on our part, please be assured that we will always do everything possible to reduce or eliminate cancellation costs if they apply to any hotel or golf course in your booking, even if they were applicable because of a special rate or the specific terms. Thanks to our sales volume and longstanding business relationships, we achieve this waiver (or part-waiver) in many cases.

To that end, we have grouped the current terms into three categories, although you should keep in mind that these are outlined as a summary, and are only applicable to individual bookings. In some cases your tailor-made offer may not fit exactly into one of the three categories. We will inform you of all these details before confirming your booking. In the case of any doubts, the terms in force in our general booking conditions, or those ngoutlined in your confirmation, will always be applicable.


  • SUPERFLEXIBLE: free cancellation at least seven days before arrival. In the case of cancellation, the deposit paid will be kept in full for use with future bookings, with a maximum term of one year. These offers are displayed on our SUPERFLEXIBLE page. *If you cancel after the deadline, the same terms established for NORMAL bookings apply.


  • NON-REFUNDABLE: these are generally very low rates that require payments that can be up to 100% of the reservation at the time of confirmation. Any cancellation, change of date or name may lead to the loss of the amount paid, and the right to reimbursement. When requesting this type of package, you will be informed of this special condition in the quote.


  • NORMAL: these would be those not outlined in any of the previous sections. Normally, most allow for cancellations, without fees being charged, up to 15 days prior to arrival, but this may vary depending on the hotel, golf course or other service providers involved. In these cases, in general, a minimum of 5% of the total reservation (min. €25) will be charged for administrative expenses, plus expenses that might be generated (if any) by the hotels or courses involved, depending on your specific rate terms.


So what happens with cases of “force majeure” or those related to COVID-19?

In general, when a reservation is considered to have been cancelled by accredited “force majeure”, cancellation after the deadline will be allowed without penalty at the discretion and final judgment of the service providers involved in the reservation.

To better define this, we have created our own reference document in an effort to outline in detail the cancellation terms related to COVID-19 suffered by you or a direct family member, and which affect quarantine or mobility limitations in your area or destination related to COVID-19. We are requesting all establishments to adhere to these terms, and you will see them indicated in the conditions for many of our packages.

In these cases, you will have the right to a full refund, as long as the affected service providers also agree to the refund (otherwise those amounts will have to be paid), within 90 days of the first day of the booking. Alternatively, if you leave the amount on account for future use, you can benefit from a 1% bonus on this amount for a future booking.