Golf Gift Voucher

Not sure how to delight a golfing friend?

When you find something interesting on our website and make a reservation you can also “wrap it up” as a special gift. All you have to do, when booking a package, is indicate in the comments section that it is a gift for someone and detail that person’s name and your contact information.

We will send you a personalised voucher with the dates of validity and services included, and you can pass it on to the lucky recipient. They will then only have to contact us to confirm the dates when they want to use the voucher.

Check out our offers for golf getaways up to 100€ to help you make the right selection. Consult us if you are not a golfer and have any doubts. We will be pleased to guide you.

If you prefer not to complicate matters, and think it’s better for them to choose the specific gift themselves, one convenient option is to let them exchange our gift vouchers for green fees or any of our golf packages, on the desired dates *.

Vouchers for Open Gifts from minimum 50€ with an additional €10 bonus when purchasing vouchers for a minimum of 99€.

To book you just have to call us on +34 952 47 48 48, or send us an email to bookings -at-

* The vouchers expire 12 months after their purchase.

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