You send the gift – they choose

If you have a family member or friend who plays golf, you will certainly hit the target with a golfing gift that gives them the opportunity of choosing a green fee or getaway at any one of the 200 destinations we offer in Spain.

    1. Choose the amount and pay us for the gift
    2. Print the special personalised voucher which we send you
    3. Your friend, family member or colleague can then contact us to decide on their gift

The voucher will have an exclusive reference number that the person receiving the gift can cash in with one or various bookings and/or complement with any additional service paid to the account. The gift vouchers are valid for one year.

You can buy a voucher from 50€, but if the amount is more than 120€  We will give you an additional 10€ for free.

To administer your gift voucher, all you need to do is call (+34) 95 247 4848, send an email or complete this form. We will contact you to arrange the voucher. Once the amount is paid, we will send you a personalised gift voucher that you can print and send to the recipient.

Gift voucher request