Flying with your golf clubs

Clients often ask us about the costs of flying with golf clubs, and it is important to compare charges, so we have created this page with a table containing information about various airlines’ policies and charges. As we all know from experience, there are more and more obstacles and increased transport costs involved in flying, so this is perhaps a good moment to remind you that in many destinations we have a rental service offering quality clubs.

AMERICAN AIRLINES YES 32Kg. 75€ at airport
Tel. 800 433 7300 (from Spain)
AIR EUROPA NO (only by excess) 23Kg. 60€ prepaid
Notifying and paying by credit card by telephone – Tel. 871 423 0717. According to Balearic Federation and Flying Blue Golf Club
IBERIA NO (only by excess) 23Kg. 60€ 2nd extra
110€ 3rd extra
Arrive early for special check-in (you usually have to check-in through special access point). Tel. 203 684 3774
NB: If the flight is listed as Iberia but operated by another company (like  Vueling) the latter’s conditions apply – even though Iberia might indicate the opposite by telephone. Vueling flights start by IB 5XXX. We are not aware of this rule if the flight is operated by Iberia Express.
YES (according to ticket fee) 23Kg. 50€ Online
60€ at airport
Including in some cases residents Islands.
YES (per route) 20Kg. 50€ prepaid
60€ at airport
If it is just one route you need to phone and notify the company because they charge for two – Tel. 871 246 0000
VUELING YES (per route) 23Kg. 45€ per route
It is advisable to check-in online or by telephone – Tel. 203 514 3971
BRITISH AIRWAYS NO (only by excess) 23Kg. 50€ approximately per route
Tel. 344 493 0787
EASY JET YES (per route) 20Kg. 27€ prepaid (per route)
35€ at airport
55€ in boarding
Tel. 330 365 5000 info on sports equipment
AIR LINGUS YES, except business class 23Kg. 40€ booking
50€ at airport
Tel. 516 422 4226 – Groups must prebook in advance
AIR BERLIN YES (per route).
For the owners of VIP card 1 without charge (prior notification)
32Kg. 50€ – short-distance route (Spain except Canary Islands)
75€ a 100€ – long-distance route
Tel. 866 266 5588 info sports equipment
JET2COM YES (per route) 20Kg. 43€
 Tel. 330 365 1918
NORWEGIAN YES, prices depending destination 20Kg. 27€ to 54€ max.
 Tel. 330 828 0854 –  Special baggage information

Updated: June 2015

  • We understand that holders of a Catalan Federation card can, on Air Europe, take their golf clubs for free.
  • The Balearics Federation has an agreement for registered members to have a baggage excess of up to 30 Kg. for golf clubs – also with Air Europa.

A reminder that, if you prefer, in many destinations we have a rental service offering quality clubs which you can collect at the first course you play on the first day and return at the last course on the last day.

If you notice an error on this page or would like to add information, you can do so by using our contact form.

The information on this page is purely informative. You should always double-check with your airline company and read the specific conditions on your ticket.