Only 25 Years

When, in 1995, I embarked on the El Sur Existe project to create GolfinSpain®, the internet seemed to many to be the eccentricity of an ambitious “youngster”.

It was an era when the early internet “bubble” was in vogue, when Google and Facebook were still notional concepts. “Golf will never be sold online”, was a common response I heard at the time.

Fortunately, they were wrong and the company’s other projects, in addition to Golf in Spain®, are still here – 60,000 bookings later. The path has certainly not been one that could have been envisaged 25 years ago, and there have been some difficult moments, including the current situation.

Nevertheless, our key principles have been discretion, financial solvency, and essentially working behind the scenes.

We are proud that we have had more than 18 million page visits and as many as three million online users who have discovered useful information about golf in Spain. Just think what this volume of business means to the sector, even beyond the 400,000 golf rounds that we have sold.

We have every intention of continuing along the same positive path. This has been a bad year for celebrations – well, actually for almost everything – but we remain committed to introducing new projects and changes over the forthcoming months.

Deep down I think that 2020 has been a year we should simply “not count” so, whether it is 25 or 25+1, it will be a happy birthday that we now begin to celebrate.

My sincere thanks especially to our clients, but also to the colleagues and collaborators who have made it all possible, as well as to those who represent the golf courses, hotels, transport companies, car rental firms and other services that have accompanied us on this unprecedented journey, many of whom already know they will always be an important part of our lives.