New COVID-19 Protocol for Golf


Spain’s golf courses are preparing to re-open their facilities – and we couldn’t be happier! We believe this could help reactivate tourism in general, and promote and enhance the Spanish brand outside our borders.

A new golf protocol has been presented to Spain’s health authorities, incorporating a series of proposed measures and recommendations for golfers. Many other countries are already allowing golf to be played in accordance with similar protocols. Golf has specific characteristics which mean it can be both accessible and safe following the COVID-19 outbreak. 

These include the fact it is a non-contact sport, so security measures can be maintained, it is played outdoors, and tee times can be booked online.        

At golf courses re-opening, changing rooms will remain closed and players will need to arrive already dressed for play. Buggies will be allowed for single use: that is, on an individual basis. Pins may be neither removed nor handled, and holes will be required to have a stopper that prevents the ball from completely dropping to the bottom of the hole. These are just some of the proposed measures.

For the moment, pro shops and restaurants will also remain closed, until further notice. 

A PDF outlining details of the protocol is available on the Royal Spanish Golf Federation website, although only currently in Spanish.

Spain is recognised as the premier international golf tourism destination in Europe: 1.4 million tourists travel to the country every year to play golf. A total of 273,000 golfers are officially registered with the federation, and the sector generates annual revenue of €2,500 million and provides employment for more than 30,000 people, both direct and indirect.

We are currently in the process of updating a post that will inform you which courses are open – and under what conditions. Remember that you need to book a tee time online before travelling to the course.