Site Improvements

    New Improvements to Our Website

    We are continuing our work to improve the new website and your buying experience. A few weeks ago we made various design adjustments to our golf course descriptions, which now feature videos and an updated image gallery.

    Our latest improvement is the launch of a major change to our registration and access system. From now on you can log in at any time – not only (as has been the case until now) when making a reservation. This change, among other things, enables you to gain access to modify your data and view a list of all your reservations. This is only the first of several other improvements we are working and will be incorporating once this key modification is implemented.

    Our agents and affiliates will also be seeing various changes to their web access. We have extended the concept of “tour leader” in our reservation process, not only to agents but also to all clients, so that you can make a reservation yourself but issue vouchers in the name of another person if you are not the one travelling.

    As always, we would love to hear your opinion. Although we have tested the new system thoroughly, we would appreciate it if you could contact us if you notice any technical incident or fault – or have a suggestion.

    Improved golf course search on map

    Tenemos diversas novedades en cuanto a nuevas ofertas. Hemos recuperado algunos paquetes que tuvieron éxito en su día e incluído otros nuevos que esperamos tengan la misma aceptación!

    En el Hotel Golf Peralada (Girona) no te tendrás que desplazar para jugar y disfrutarás seguramente de uno de los hoteles más lujosos  y selectos del noreste español.

    Hotel Peralada

    En  Peralada Wine Spa & Golf podrás jugar y después relajarte en el circuito termal “El Celler”. Por 320€ por persona, tendrás una habitación doble con desayuno durante 3 noches, 3 green fees en Peralada Golf, acceso al centro de fitness y al circuito termal, y una entrada al Casino de Peralada. Si tu intención es iniciarte o mejorar tu juego, este paquete también está disponible con 6 horas de clase además de los green fees desde 460€ por persona. Paquete también disponible para 7 noches

    Hemos incluido en nuestra oferta el Hotel & Spa Mirador de Ulzama, en Navarra. Una nueva apuesta para jugar al golf en Navarra.  Al precio de 166€ por persona (190€ si es Viernes y Sábado), este hotel de ensueño estará encantado de recibirte con 2 noches en habitación doble con desyauno, 1 cena para 2 en el Restaurante El Mirador, uso del exclusivo Spa privado y un green fee por persona en el Club de Golf Ulzama. ¿Suena tentador, verdad? Lo es.

    Mirador de Ulzama
    Mirador de Ulzama

    Para recibir más información, o para solicitar un presupuesto a medida, no dudes en contactar con nosotros!

    New page “Flying with your golf clubs”

    Clients often ask us about the costs of flying with golf clubs, and it is important to compare charges, so we have created a page with a table containing information about various airlines’ policies and charges. As we all know from experience, there are more and more obstacles and increased transport costs involved in flying, so this is perhaps a good moment to remind you that in many destinations we have a rental service offering quality clubs.

    Flying with your golf clubs

    Winners of our Volvo World Match Play Special Competition

    This morning we extracted the winners of our special 2009 Volvo World Match Play competition. Special thanks to Volvo and IMG for allowing us to handle it and for offering such a great prices.

    We created a list 10 winners with correct answers and based on their number of participations. The correct replies were:

    1. By winning his group after Thursday and Thursday matches
    2. Gary Player had to play 40 holes in 1973 for his victory.
    3. UK is the most represented country among the players of the event.

    The winners were:

    1.- Tom Jamieson : 225
    2.- Ovidio Vidal Hernandez : 1725
    3.- Luis Sanchez Vaquero : 100
    4.- Toni Ramirez Rosales : 300

    5.- Alfonso Martínez Morán : 100
    6.- jean-paul meyntjens : 150
    8.- Félix Olavarrieta Bernardino : 100
    9.- John Robilliard : 100
    10.- Julian Cabrera Concha : 100

    Prizes were assigned based on the availability of the winners, but the first one Tom Jamieson from the UK, confirmed in a couple of hours and booked his flight to be at Finca Cortesín for the proam next Wednesday.

    We’ll try to get some comments from them during the event. Thanks to everyone for participating. We hope to see you all at Finca Cortesín this week.