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Ryder hype runneth over

We thought this was the perfect time to reproduce, courtesy of An Oz in Spain, the vision of an Australian about the Ryder Cup.

What the other 89 per cent think…


IT’S MID-AUTUMN – an even year – and that means billions of golf fans around the universe are sitting in front of their TV screens, enthralled by the action in the “third biggest sporting event in the world”. Yeah, sure.

There is no doubt the Ryder Cup is a fascinating sporting spectacle, providing spectators with exceptional golf from many of the world’s finest players – gripping matches where the determination and passion to win is patent (just check out any old news reel of Severiano Ballesteros).

But for the organisers and jingoistic media commentators and press to continue harping on about the Cup only being surpassed by the Olympics and soccer World Cup in status is nonsense and an insult to the vast majority of the world’s population who have no “nationalist” interest in the event.

In fact, golf fans outside Europe and the US would, in the main, be more inclined to rate the four majors as the premier golf events, ahead of the Ryder Cup and, certainly, the Presidents Cup, which pits the US against a Rest of the World combination (minus the Europeans) in every non-Ryder Cup year.
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Alvaro Quiros wins the Spanish Open in Seville

Spanish new golf sensation, Alvaro Quirós, made his 4th victory in the European Tour last Sunday at the Real Club de Golf in Seville after the first sudden-death hole against english player James Morrison.

Funny enough Quiros argued with Miguel Angel Jimenez about how this course (and most courses in Spain) are “not ideal” for him as the fairways tend to be narrower just at the 250 mts from tee area where Alvaro (normally the longest driver on the tour) tends to land.

After two reasonable rounds on Thursday and Friday, the young spaniard from Guadiaro (next to the Sotogrande area) had a great round on Saturday that made him start two under the leaders on Sunday. With the local crowds following him and even if he apparently didn’t expect to get there, he ended up on the play-off match which he won after the first hole to his 4th victory on the tour and brings him closer to what he claims is his main objective for this year… being part of the Ryder Cup team.